People : Tasks : Meetings is a new method for facilitating teamwork that emphasizes context and communication. It will help free you from the tyranny of ineffective todo lists, cryptic email and aimless meetings!

P : T : M is a web app. As such it requires a network connection. This is not a bad thing. All data are stored on the server and are available to all users all of the time! PTM uses HTML5, CSS3 and other web standards. This is a good thing. It will run on almost any hardware with a decent Internet connection and a modern web browser. This means you can use whatever device you have at the moment to access PTM!

P : T : M was conceived, designed and programmed by Richard Rathe, MD.

P : T : M” is a registered trademark of Medical Decisions Software, Inc. (MDSI)

People : Tasks : Meetings” and the phrase “Lead People, Manage Tasks, Tame Meetings” are also trademarked.

Except where noted, this site is Copyright 2012 by Medical Decisions Software, Inc. MDSI has been in business intermittently since 1986. It is a collaboration between Richard Rathe and Catherine Schell. Past products include “BibTools” (reference manager), HyText (hypertext before the web!), and more recently CodeDoc (handheld code blue documentation tool).

Contact us at info at peopletasksmeetings dot com with any comments or questions you might have.