Generation 1 (2007)

My original idea was to merge todo lists with meeting agendas. My primary goal was to never have a meeting without an agenda, an all too common occurance at large organizations! We used the original PTM successfully for about a year. Development stopped when leadership changed and the University released the project to me.

Meeting Agenda in Generation 1 PTM

Generation 2 (2012)

This was my first effort as an independent developer. I worked on it part-time for almost a year. It led to the development of several new features such as quicktype commands, integrated polling and ics calendar integration. It was a good pilot, but I felt the need to rethink the layout and streamline some of the complex functionality with a new codebase.


 Generation 3 (2014)

This is a complete rewrite of PTM based on the Bootstrap CSS framework. It has a responsive design that moves easily between devices and screen sizes. I’ve eliminated several things (task priorities for example) that were holdovers from my todo list days. The new PTM focuses on communicationmajor project milestones and “what to do next?“. The current design is based on extensive reading and best practices from several disciplines. PTM articulates with productivity systems such as Getting Things Done and MS Outlook but is not based on them.

Early Generation 3 PTM Screen

 Generation 4 (2016)

PTM has gotten ever more mobile-friendly over time. This new effort incorporates list.js by @javve for searching and sorting on the client (without hitting the server).