Action Journaling (AJ) is a way to quickly render journal entries and todo lists into plain ASCII text. I’ve worked on various aspects of these ideas since 1995, starting with “Marked Text” (MTX) a format for generating HTML. (To give credit, my original inspiration probably came from Setext, which was popular at the time.) The original… Read More

On my personal site I’ve been enumerating the ideas that underpin PTM in the form of an Email Manifesto. A brief excerpt is included below. Email has become the lowest common denominator for electronic communication—frequently abused and massively overused. Much of our pain stems from asking email to do things it wasn’t meant to do. We should simply stop using email in these… Read More

To-Do Lists Don’t Work – Daniel Markovitz – Harvard Business Review This article influenced me quite a bit. It’s where I first heard the idea of “living in your calendar“. It lead me to develop calendar integration for PTM. I also de-emphasized due dates and eliminated task priorities all together. You can now subscribe to and publish calendars… Read More

You manage things, you lead people.      — Grace Hopper The ideal project is one where people don’t have meetings, they have lunch. The size of the team should be the size of the lunch table.      — Bill Joy Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.      — John Kenneth Galbraith… Read More